Scalable and Interactive suite of solutions for the auto industry enabling greater efficiency and connectivity.  GGS provides dedicated IT, Engineering & Consulting solutions that meet the specific requirements of Auto OEMs and the supplier community. The unit integrates its in-depth knowledge of technology platforms, understanding of automotive business needs and world-class delivery capabilities, coupled with its partner eco-system to offer end-to-end IT and engineering solutions.
Providing Connected Services
Auto OEMs always face a gap when trying to integrate their domain expertise with technology solutions for digital experience. Providing better interface design, mobility, IoT through digital automotive experience application is a key challenge for the automotive industry.
Finding growth in a competitive market
Slowdown in auto sales is a global phenomenon and sales numbers are already flattening in mature markets. There could be a number of factors for the growth slow down and to find growth in a competitive market it is vital for auto OEMs to focus on new product design and development which can withstand competition and at the same time have shorter time to market.


We work extensively with off-highway equipment manufacturers and their tier-1 suppliers in the areas of new product development, existing product line optimization and industrial engineering. In accordance with rapid advancements in digital technologies, we leverage data analytics and machine learning to help OEMs capitalize on digitized equipment. This is facilitated by our specialized decision support system platforms with continuous real-time asset performance. Building analytics-driven operations bolster equipment efficiency, maximizing safety, and enhancing ROI.
Testing and Validation
One of the major challenges of off-highway OEMs are the investment cost for testing and validation, both virtual and physical. Investing in computer aided engineering designs and many other functionality testing have become a mandate and prime factor to avoid product manufacturing revisions.
Wiring Schematics
Equipment manufacturers operate in an industry that requires continuous product innovation. Achieving product innovation requires detailed data analytics of the current drive train components and its performance. Mapping these data points through an electronic / electrical schematic system is the first step and the challenge faced by off-highway OEMs.

Aerospace &

The biggest challenge for Aerospace and Aviation industry is maintaining technology standards as per Air Transport Association. We develop and manage technical data in support of the commercial aerospace industry. Manufacturers and operators alike require accurate information, combined with cost-effective methods to distribute and access this critical data. Everyday our staff develops ATA-based data using iSpec 2200 as well as S1000D standards.
Our experience includes, but is not limited to
  • Illustrated Parts Catalogs (IPCs)
  • Flight Manuals
  • Fault Isolation Manuals (FIMs)
  • Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMMs)
  • Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs)
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs)
  • Wiring Diagram and Hydraulic Schematics

Military &

GGS has subcontractor relationships with some of the world’s largest prime contractors in the DoD supply chain supporting the U.S. Armed Forces. We support a wide range of MIL standards.
Our program experience includes supporting a wide variety of land, air, and sea-base platforms. This includes combat vehicles, wheeled/tracked vehicles, weapons systems, fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.
Our experience includes, but is not limited to
  • Maintenance/Operator Manuals
  • Fault Code Diagnostics/Troubleshooting
  • Repair Parts & Special Tools List (RPSTL)
  • Flight Manuals
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Provisioning Technical Documentation
  • SGML/XML Data Conversions/Publishing-DTD/FOSI Development
  • Training Documentation
  • Technical Orders (TOs)/Time Compliant Technical Orders (TCTOs)
  • Illustrated Parts Breakdown (IPBs)
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs)

Energy, Oil &

We provide innovative engineering and cost effective technical support solutions for specialized equipment in the oil and gas sector. Our solutions range from concept design to product realization and support throughout the entire product life cycle. Our team of domain and functional experts with decades of product engineering experience in the shop floors and design houses of production equipment add value to the proposition.
Uncontrollable reserves – Controllable processes
Managing decreasing reserves and exploration for new reserve sources in a price volatile market are one of the major criticalities that every oil and gas company has to manage. With so many uncontrollable factors, focusing on process standardization and knowledge transfer for efficient operations through training solutions are the key controllable factors for achieving operational excellence.
Specialized equipment cost
Companies in this sector have to invest huge budgets in specialized equipment with cutting edge technology for their exploration and extraction process. Obtaining maximum efficiency from such equipment through proper utilization and periodic maintenance is a must for the oil, gas and energy sectors.
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