What Does a Unity Developer Actually Do?

Unity is a multi-platform engine created by Unity Technologies and it is the foundation for most of today’s virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences. A unity developer is responsible for creating simulations of reality that exist across 2D and 3D formats. Over the last half-decade or so, Unity has expanded the utility for its engine to support applications outside its original focus—gaming—most notably in the film and automotive industries.

Many foresee Unity’s functionality as a revolution within a broad array of industries, especially in regards to training technicians and fleet owners who handle parts and maintenance issues. Additionally, e-learning and other training applications can now “take off” once they implement Unity in these programs. Since a unity developer creates assets such as 3D models and animations inside projects, they can bring your publication “to life” and facilitate engagement in the training process.

Unity Developer Responsibilities

The daily responsibilities of a unity vr developer include:

  • The transformation of ideas into function.
  • Designing and building code that is efficient, reliable, and reusable.
  • Detecting errors and “bottlenecks” in existing code and providing timely solutions to such issues.
  • Testing the functionality of Unity VR development.
  • Building patches and upgrades for code within training programs.
  • Ensuring products meet or exceed industry standards.

Skills and Qualifications

A typical unity vr developer, especially one concerned with unity mobile app development, should:

  • Have 3-5 years of experience with Unity.
  • Demonstrate ability to script, animate, and troubleshoot within Unity.
  • Have strong math skills, especially with 3D spaces.
  • Already have experience optimizing both memory and space.
  • Understand the user experience (UX) design process and have experience within a UX design or development team.

A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (CS), Information Systems, or other related field is preferred, though a Master’s degree would be ideal.

What to Look for in a Unity Developer

Unity is currently the most popular engine with developers in the VR and AR realms. A high-quality unity developer specializing in both the VR and AR arenas will:

  • Have specific knowledge of industry needs and trends.
  • Be a skilled programmer.
  • Use Unity Editor and have proven experience and familiarity with the software.
  • Develop concepts with agility and creativity.
  • Focus on the future of the project, not dwell on its past.

A professional firm experienced in engineering and manufacturing (with particular expertise in unity development) will help your management team cut costs, increase revenue, and provide a superior experience for your customers.


GGS Information Services is a trusted unity development firm, and our team will help you find high-quality solutions to unique problems in the technical manual space. Get in touch with our unity developers to get started today. You can count on GGS Information Services and our top unity developers to build out your technical publications, parts diagrams, technical training, and dynamic parts catalogs for your manufacturing business. 

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