What You Need to Know About Instructional Design for eLearning

Creating effective instructional design is always important, but in the world of eLearning design, it’s essential! Since you use eLearning materials to instruct technicians on using and maintaining your products, your instructional design must be clear, intuitive, and accurate.

eLearning is More Than Just Instructional Design

Before creating an effective instructional design for eLearning, you need to understand the project’s goals. 

Of course, you want your eLearning materials to look good and be easy to use, but those aren’t the only vital elements. 

You also want to make sure that you are communicating information effectively. 

You need all your eLearning materials to look good, function well, and draw your audience into the learning experience. 

When your eLearning materials achieve each of these objectives, you will have a successful final product that helps people to understand the material better.

There’s a Difference Between Knowledge and Performance

A common pitfall in eLearning design is testing for knowledge rather than performance. Course outcomes should measure adoption and implementation, not theory.

The best eLearning publications give technicians practical instruction for your machines’ general use and maintenance. When you can use your modern eLearning design to encourage adoption and performance, you can ensure that your team will use your products properly and avoid mistakes and accidents. Allow your learners to practice skills to gain confidence in performance, not just knowledge.

Not all Interactions are Meaningful

Having interactive elements in your eLearning design is essential, but you must ensure those interactions are effective. Work to design interactions that make your learners think and engage with the content. Online interactions should ideally simulate real-world tasks. Our objective is to narrow the theory-practice gap to zero, if we can manage it.

More Information is Not Necessarily Better

Sometimes eLearning platforms suffer because they provide too much information. Your eLearning content creator must have a firm understanding of what your technicians need to know–and what they don’t necessarily need to know. 

They must know how to use tools safely and follow processes precisely. They probably don’t need the details of the manufacturing process or the history of this or that part. In the world of technical eLearning, less is often more.

Keep your content to the essentials so learners don’t get bogged down with extraneous details. Effective eLearning avoids unnecessary trivia that only makes things more difficult. Effective eLearning design will help learners understand how to do their jobs.

Again, remember that our goal isn’t to increase knowledge–our goal is to change behavior.

In the modern world, eLearning has become an essential tool to help people succeed in their work. It takes particular expertise to create practical eLearning tools. That’s why GGS’s eLearning design services are what you need to get expert results. With our professional eLearning design team, you can plan on visual design for eLearning that helps move you and your business forward.

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