Technology Driven Reality Solutions

About ten years ago, reality solutions were seen as an advanced technology used only in a few areas like gaming and navigation apps. Today, from the biggest tech companies to the smallest businesses, it is used in various fields, including aviation, medicine, manufacturing, and automotive. From design and prototype development to assembly, maintenance and quality control, reality solutions have become a cutting edge technology for the manufacturing industries. They play a big role in creating next-generation platforms that change the way people interact with digital content.

Reality solutions can provide new approaches to industrial manufacturing by creating a new environment in which virtual and physical objects can coexist and merge, enabling a more immersive environment through a natural way of interaction.

GGS Information Services through its digital expertise helps industries by providing interactive and immersive technology based solutions through:

  • Collaborative Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Mixed Reality (MR)

The Need for Reality Solutions

Statistics and case studies prove that average attention span for adults is 8 to 10 mins. Most workers are practical learners, acquiring 70 percent of their skills and knowledge from experiential learning but, in reality, learning every production processes and emergency scenarios of a factory only by experience will be a very long learning curve.

Where can be used

Limitless Solutions across Industries

In this era of digital revolution, reality-based applications are about to bring a paradigm shift in the way industries function. GGS Information Services with its diversified domain expertise and global delivery model can provide custom made reality solutions for different industrial needs.

Collaborative Virtual Reality (CVR)

CVR is a distributed, virtual reality that is designed to support collaborative activities. CVRs provide a potentially infinite, graphically realized digital landscape within which multiple users can interact with each other and with simple or complex data representations. CVRs are increasingly being used to support collaborative work between geographically separated and between collocated collaborators to Explore, Practice and Troubleshoot / Evaluate.

  • Multiuser virtual collaboration.
  • Body-tracking and motion-tracking capabilities.
  • 360-degree view walkthroughs & gesture controlled.
  • Custom class-based training scenarios.
  • Assess design ideas virtually and analyze data in new formats.
  • Head-up-Display VR technology.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR is based on the principle of overlaying digital information over real world in real-time with the purpose of better understanding to simplify the existing reality. Therefore, AR augments the sense of reality in real time. AR technology is usually visual, but often includes audio and tactile elements with 3D representation of products connecting the physical world to information systems.

  • Marker Based AR – Digital contents will trigger once the app scans the image or photo.
  • Mobile & Tab based application.
  • Both 2D & 3D virtual contents will be augmented.
  • Supports Android / iOS / Windows platform.

Mixed Reality (MR)

MR brings together real world and digital elements creating a seamless blend between real-world elements and virtual content. In MR, the user can interact and manipulate both physical and virtual items & environments using next-generation sensing and imaging technologies. Advanced sensors for spatial awareness and gesture recognition are core components of MR applications.

  • Real time spatial mapping to merge real and virtual elements.
  • Visual recognition – visualization and rendering.
  • Portable recognition – implementation of data and service in a portable device.
  • Tailor-made training modules.

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