What is a Technical Publication?

A technical publication is any document with information relating to maintenance, parts, procedures, etc., for specific equipment. A tech publication may come from manufacturers, vendors, [...]

What Does a Unity Developer Actually Do?

Unity is a multi-platform engine created by Unity Technologies and it is the foundation for most of today's virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences. A unity developer is [...]

Understanding Isometric Illustrations

Isometric illustrations are an essential part of your job when you manufacture or maintain equipment. These drawings are used to show the dimensions of the equipment in two dimensions. When you [...]

What Makes eLearning Design Effective?

When it comes to training technicians and users on the proper maintenance of equipment, nothing beats e-learning courses. Not only does e-learning make your training materials accessible, but it [...]

Best Practices for Writing Technical Documentation

Technical writing is an essential part of the modern world and allows companies to explain the use of their products to consumers. This means that high-quality technical documentation needs to be [...]

Technology Driven Reality Solutions

About ten years ago, reality solutions were seen as an advanced technology used only in a few areas like gaming and navigation apps. Today, from the biggest tech companies to the smallest [...]

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